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Information on when a launch might take place from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station or Kennedy Space Center is available online from a number of official and unofficial sources.

45th Space Wing
The 45th Space Wing operates the Eastern Range from which all launches from the Space Coast takes place and is responsible for public safety.

NASA - Kennedy Space Center
NASA targets Space Shuttle launch dates weeks and months in advance but does not set the official launch date until just a week or so before the shuttle is set to fly. NASA also manages unmanned launches of science probes using rockets such as the Delta and Atlas, which are flown from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Space Shuttles are launched from Kennedy Space Center.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Launch Information
The KSC Visitor Complex collects the same information from the NASA Web site but provides some additional information and advice about seeing a launch that you may find helpful.
This is the definitive source for launches from sites around the world. It is updated almost as soon as a change is made. Reporter Justin Ray is the primary keeper of this web page.

Florida Today
The local newspaper of Florida's Space Coast summarizes upcoming launches from Florida.


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